Precision Pressure Gauge Dia 250mm

Precision Pressure Gauge  Dia 250mm

Model No.︰YB-254

Brand Name︰XY

Country of Origin︰China

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Minimum Order︰1 pc

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Product Description

Precise Pressure Gauge:
Model: YB-254

Description:   Are used for calibraing general purpose gauge or measure tile pressure of media that have no copper ,steel or alloys of the like , when higher precision is required.

Technical Specification:

Dia: 250mm
Accuracy: 0.25%
Range: 0~0.4Mpa ;  0~0.6Mpa  ;  0~1.0Mpa  ;  0~ 1.6Mpa  ;  0~2.5Mpa ; 0~4.0Mpa ; 0~6.0Mpa.