Liquid nitrogen cryotherapy instrument Dewars

Liquid nitrogen cryotherapy instrument Dewars

Model No.︰Liquid nitrogen

Brand Name︰XY

Country of Origin︰China

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Minimum Order︰3 pc

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Product Description


    The liquid nitrogen cryotherapy instrument is made of head cold , infusion tube , liquid nitrogen cup, handle. Four parts composition. Formed by evaporation of liquid nitrogen to rely on the pressure , so that cup of liquid nitrogen from the liquid nitrogen flows through the infusion tube cold head ,which to achieve the effects of crytherapy.


   With small size , light weight , simple structure, easy operation, the therapeutic apparatus using liquid nitrogen crytherapy is that it can replace the benefits of surgery, the safety of non-toxic, harmless little pain, do not damage to healthy tissue, less bleeding sterilization.


 The use of liquid nitrogen cryotherapy instrument as follows:

1.      according to actual needs for the cold head.

2.      open the liquid nitrogen cups, filling to four-fifths of the volume of liquid nitrogen into the department.

3.      treatment of , simply hold down the switch with the thumb hole, liquid nitrogen cold ut there first , the treatment can be carried out.