Dewars 50Liters Liquid nitrogen biological containers

Dewars 50Liters Liquid nitrogen biological containers

Model No.︰YDS-50

Brand Name︰XY

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰-

Minimum Order︰3 pc

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Product Description

50 Liter:

   On the product has casters to address the large volume of liquid nitrogen biological container trans-shipment problems. For medical and biological research areas of storage products. Capacity, occupied space, the low consumption of liquid nitrogen , as a similar product in the most economical choice,


   Product main features:

1.      It can be locked cover , can be mentioned a square tube with multi-sample large storage capacity.


2.      It can be used to transport liquid nitrogen in indoor mobile convenience.



3.      foot level may be assigned , level alarm , to facilitate measurement of the liquid nitrogen storage container.