Dewars Large diameter Liquid Nitrogen Biological Containers

Dewars Large diameter Liquid Nitrogen Biological Containers

Model No.︰YDS Series

Brand Name︰XY

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰-

Minimum Order︰3 pc

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Product Description

This series products has the characteristics of relatively large diameter for the short-term preservation of liquid nitrogen, a larger volume of short-term preservation of biological specimens, or the use of liquid nitrogen to the cold parts of a larger assembly. Conservation of biological medicine in the vaccines, bacteria, well as people , animals and other organs. With a larger caliber, the advantages of easy to operate.


1.      the use of high-strength aluminum air.


2.      can be used to put a drawer-style tube, to facilitate identification and access to independent samples.



3.      it is equipped with protective cover , can avoid the bump in the use ,impact.


4.      can be stored ,and animal organs, larger parts of the cold assembly.



5.      high vacuum multi-layer insulation designed to provide a vacuum of not less than five years of quality assurance.