thermocouple and RTD for measuring temperature In power plant

thermocouple and RTD for measuring temperature In power plant


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Product Description

◇The series of thermocouples and Rtds are used to be equipped with various Milers and steam turbots in thermal power plants with capacitance below 600MW. The temperature measuring instruments generally adopted by power plants can be referred to in other pages of this manual.
◇The products are designed in light of the American EBASCO specifications. They incorporate opinions of design institutes and power plants, and adopt internationally up - to -date construction. Therefore, the products reach national and international advanced level in terms of mounting, using, stability and reliability.


Series variety
◇Thermowell-type thermocouple  
◇Bearing Thermocouple & RTD
◇Wearproof Thermocouple & RTD  
◇End face RTD
◇Pipeline and furnace wall thermalcouple  
◇End face thermalcouple
◇flue and air-pipe thermalcouple  

■Structure characteristic. 
 Adoption armour element, can be bent, the stability is high, the life span is long.
(1)The armour element press tightly with outside protection tube bore bottom for the flexibility, the heat responds to quick, the anti-earthquake is strong.
(2) Big cavity terminal box, make connect the wire convenience, dependable.
(3) The protective tube is for dividing the type construction with the thermocouple, thermal resistance, can not shut down the fleetness replaces the element.
(4)Deep blind the protection tube of the whole that bore process, the anti- presses high, do not break, the usage is dependable, the life span is long.