Cable Identifier of Cable Fault Locator Tester

Cable Identifier   of Cable Fault Locator Tester

Model No.︰XDSY-2000

Brand Name︰XY

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰-

Minimum Order︰1 pc

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Product Description

  • Used to distinguish the desired cable from a bunch of cables in set, migration, maintenance and troubleshooting of the power cable

  • This device identify cable accurately (qualitative and quantitative) and fast, is easy to use, has wide range of application and more

  • It is a new equipment which has the most advanced technology and the most superior performance of the similar instruments in domestic currently

  • Consists of signal generator XDSY-2000F, receiver XDSY-2000J and indicator

  • Signal generator generates a special modulated pulse signal and sends them to the cable being identified, which is out of service.Looking for the cable being identified with the receiving clamp, when the receiver is on the cable imposed on special signal, the meter pointer of signal detector swings with the signal frequency synchronously

  • Conversely, when the receiver is on the cable without special signal, the detected signal is much smaller and has opposite direction

  • It is easy to recognize the cable being identified by the magnitude and direction of the meter