PU hose of introduce

The anti-static fiber-reinforced hose is a hose which conveys under positive pressure, can be flatly coiled down, and consists of an inner adhesive layer, a fiber-reinforced layer and an outer adhesive layer. Metal wires are added in shaping, thus solving the electrostatic problem of the hose in the process of oil conveying. It can convey a lot of mediums such as gas, water, and oil, and doe not have pollution to the mediums,and can replace steel pipes and rubber pipes on some occasions. Compared with the steel pipes and the rubber pipes, , it has the advantages of light weight, high bearing pressure, high conveying efficiency , soft texture,being able to be coiled down, easy operation, fast paving and removing speed, flexible motion, strong environmental adaptability, safe and reliable use, and durability

Application fieds: It can be widely used in water supply, oil supply, paving of temporary transmission lines, emergency and city emergency water supply systems, etc.